Will My Ankle Ever Be The Same After Surgery?

Will My Ankle Ever Be The Same After Surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear in our office when discussing surgery with a patient is in regards to how their ankle will feel after surgery and recovery have taken place. Many people want to know “Will their ankle ever be the same,” or “Will my ankle feel normal again after surgery?”

We can’t answer with a definitive yes or no, but we can explain how we’ll do everything in our power to help your ankle make the best recovery possible after surgery. Below, we explain how to get your ankle back to normal following surgery.
Feeling The Same Again After Ankle Surgery

As we mentioned above, we can’t sit here and guarantee that your ankle will feel perfectly normal after surgery, but this is one of the goals that ankle surgeons aim for. We try to eliminate pain and restore as much normal function in the ankle joint as possible so that you can have confidence again in your ankle. Here’s how we do that, and how you can help.

Only Necessary Surgeries – We have a very high track record of success when it comes to foot surgery outcomes, and one of the reasons for this is because we don’t recommend unnecessary procedures. Surgery is a form of trauma, so if we can help you heal without the need for it, that’s the path we’re going to take. On the flip side, if we recommend surgery, you can take solace in knowing we believe that’s the best way to get your ankle back to normal.

Latest and Smallest Techniques – We’re always learning more about different surgical techniques to provide our patients with the best care possible, as this can help them have better healing after an operation. We also strive to perform minimally invasive operations that are less taxing on the patient, which leads to a shorter recovery time and fewer complications.

Detail Orientated Surgery – We use advanced technology and years of surgical skill to ensure your ankle joint is repaired exactly as it should be. Whatever needs to be done, be it removing bone spurs, restrengthening ankle ligaments or repairing an ankle fracture, we’ll do it with the utmost care to get your recovery off to a good start.

Patient Education – Performing the surgery is only half the battle, we also need to take the time to educate the patient about their injury and the best recovery practices. We’ll cover topics like work and activity restrictions, medication management and physical therapy instructions to ensure you are aware of everything you need to do to keep your rehab on track. We also make ourselves available to patients in the event they have any questions before discharge or at any point during their recovery.

Follow Through – Finally, the biggest piece of advice we can give in terms of helping you make the fullest recovery and getting back to normal after ankle surgery is to follow through with your physical therapy routine. Don’t commit half way or skip sessions. This period of recovery is important for establishing function and range of motion. If you ignore physical therapy
, you may never get back to normal following a surgery. Do all of your PT exercises and your in-home routine to give yourself the best chance of feeling normal after ankle surgery.

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