I Did a 5-Day Lifestyle Reset and Feel So Much Healthier — Eat This Not That

I Did a 5-Day Lifestyle Reset and Feel So Much Healthier — Eat This Not That

Move over, juice cleanse, because there's a cool new trend in town, and it's called the "lifestyle reset." If you want to give your body a jumpstart after overindulging on vacation or over the holidays, lose some weight, wean off coffee, or simply refresh your system, a lifestyle reset may be exactly what you need.

I had the opportunity to try Kroma Wellness' 5-Day Reset, the brand's "hero product," to see if the colorful, tasty-looking photos on Instagram live up to the hype. If you haven't heard about Kroma yet, the brand is all about utilizing the "power of food as medicine," complete with sustainably sourced, nutrient-dense, and high-quality ingredients from around the globe. Kroma's goal is to simplify things when it comes to leading your "healthiest, most vibrant" life through good-for-you foods that don't skimp on flavor.

Founder and CEO of Kroma Wellness, Lisa Odenweller, tells Eat This, not That!, "Our transformational 5-Day Whole Body Reset focuses on nourishment over starvation and can be customized to meet your own unique needs and goals. We have designed a program that delivers real results without the sacrifice so you can show up fully in your everyday life. People are always surprised that they have more energy and are able to exercise, take care of kids, be fully focused at work, and pretty much do anything they need to without being slowed down." If you're just as intrigued as I was, keep reading to learn more about this mind and body wellness experience.

Upon opening up my package, it was clear that the Instagramworthiness is strong. My Reset came with 50 food and beverages (10 servings each day over five days' time) in a minimalistic white box with a white ribbon handle. In the middle of the box was the brand's OMG Cookie Butter—my newest obsession and the ultimate "afternoon pick-me-up." The F+B packets that surrounded it were color-coordinated—ranging from sunshine yellow to peach to magenta, labeled by day, and numbered, making the Reset process easy to follow. The delivery also came with a frother, which I put to good use.

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The Reset relieved me of any guesswork, with all of the ingredients and instructions conveniently labeled on the front of every packet. To give you a little taste of what's involved, you'll kick off Days 1 through 5 with the "Shine" packet, which is a Beauty Matcha Latte, made with bovine collagen, ceremonial grade matcha, turmeric root extract, ginger extract, monk fruit, a beauty mushrooms blend, maple sugar, goji, maca, and Himalayan pink salt. Next up is the "Breakfast" packet—a Super Porridge made with almond meal, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flour, chocho plant protein, rolled oats, goji berries, pecan meal, walnut meal, flaxseed meal, oat flour, coconut palm sugar, ceylon cinnamon, maple sugar, monk fruit, and Himalayan pink salt. Other packets throughout each day include a Supergreens Elixir, 24K Beef Bone Broth, different flavored smoothies, and Cranberry Hydration Elixir to satisfy your lunch, dinner, and snacks.

I really appreciated the variety of the products so things didn't seem stale over a five-day period—because we all know that can be a real struggle when it comes to cleansing. For instance, one day I enjoyed a Cacao Banana Smoothie, the next I had a Vanilla Lucuma Smoothie, and on another day, I savored the Blueberry Immunity Smoothie. I also liked the fact that this particular Reset incorporated both food and beverage rather than solely liquids, so I really felt like I wasn't straying too far from my routine and still having breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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One of my absolute favorite parts about the Reset is the packets are incredibly quick and don't require much effort at all to whip up. You simply mix them together with water or your favorite type of milk, and enjoy! Plus, you can take your smoothie, bone broth, or even porridge on the go—whether that's work, outdoor plans with the bests, or wherever you're headed. They're truly made for the busy lifestyle.

Oh—and the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks actually taste awesome, which is typically a question mark when it comes to healthy eats. Odenweller shares with Eat This, Not That!, "We believe healthy food should taste amazing, which is why our comprehensive menu of instant, 'just add water' bone and veggie broths, adaptogen super lattes, superfood elixirs, superfood snacks, teas and elixirs are as delicious as they are functional."

Fully healing an unhealthy gut can be tricky, and if you're dealing with complicated stomach issues, consulting with a medical professional should always be your top priority. That being said, Odenweller says the first step to improving your gut health is eliminating inflammatory triggers in your diet like gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and coffee, and replacing those with "clean, organic anti-inflammatory foods." She adds, "The Kroma Reset not only incorporates over 125 superfoods but also has 10 bone and veggie broths throughout the five days, which are one of the best ways to heal the gut."

Consuming too much alcohol, inflammatory foods, and even stress can speed up the aging process. So a clean diet chock-full of organic veggies, clean protein, and fruit can be a solid starting point to get you back on track. The issue is, many of our hectic schedules don't allow us to dedicate hours to the kitchen whipping up healthy meals—that's why this Reset is heaven-sent. And it delivers actual fast results. I felt totally satisfied throughout the entire lifestyle reset and still had my energy. Ten out of 10 would recommend!

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