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Are you experiencing pain in your heel or Achilles heel? Do you have a bony bump located on the back of the heel? You could have Haglund’s Deformity or “pump bump.” Experiencing a sore heel can create irritation with walking or standing for long periods. If you have a high-arched foot, tight Achilles tendon, or walk on the outside of your heel, you are more prone to developing this foot condition. 

The Relief Institute in Sunnyvale understands the importance of finding the best foot & ankle doctor closest to you. That is why you deserve the best in quality healthcare for your foot and ankle fracturesHaglund’s deformity, and other foot and ankle conditions. We aim to ensure that you access the best foot and ankle practitioners in your area. We certify each doctor via their high ratings, excellent experience, and a convincing care record. Contact us today!

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Many people are willing to just tough it out, so to speak, and live with pain. The Relief Institute has an expert orthopedic that can remove the pain.

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