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When tendons do not pull together properly, there is little to noarch called flatfoot or fallen arch. An adult flatfoot deformity is caused by changes in the tendon, impairing its ability to support the arch, thus resulting in the flattening of the foot, or known as Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD). The symptoms of PTTD may include pain, swelling, flattening of the foot's arch, and an inward rolling of the ankle. As the condition progresses, the symptoms will change.

At the Relief Institute in Duncanville, we strive to provide foot relief delivered by a trusted, reputable foot care physician. The doctors we work with here at The Relief Institute are foot care specialists and understand the importance of getting out of pain and finding relief. All our doctors are tried and trusted by patients and focus on treating ankle and foot ailments and foot and ankle conditions.

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