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Are you encountering a bony bump on the base of your big toe? A bunion causes your big toe to pull toward the smaller toes and forces the joint at the bottom of your big toe to stick out. A bunion can cause significant discomfort when trying to wear your favorite shoes and make wearing them unbearable. Arthritis, tight-fitting shoes, and even foot stress can cause bunions to perform. Set an appointment with a foot and ankle doctor specializing in treating foot disorders to treat bunions. Your doctor can identify a bunion by examining your foot and through some imaging tests.

The Relief Institute understands the importance of finding the best doctor closest to you, and that is why you deserve the best in quality healthcare for your foot and ankle conditions. We aim to ensure that you access the best foot and ankle practitioners in your area. We certify each doctor via their high ratings, excellent experience, and a convincing care record. Contact us today!

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Others think their pain is a normal part of aging they must simply accept, and they believe that surgery should be reserved for the obvious injuries.

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