Bunionette Deformity Correction (5th Met)

A bunionette is a similar condition to bunions. This deformity is an abnormal bump of bone on the outer side of your fifth toe. What seems like a small and painless problem at first could actually turn into a much larger issue over time.


A Bunionette Deformity Correction is recommended if you cannot wear shoes comfortably because of the size of the bunionette or if you cannot receive nonsurgical treatment for bunionette correction.

Bunions and bunionettes can also result from heredity, arthritis, or misalignment of the foot.


  • You will be receive anesthesia.
  • We will realign the head of your metatarsal bone and remove any excess bone in order to eliminate the prominence and to give your foot a more natural shape.
  • We will then create a small incision on the outer side of your foot in order to access the metatarsophalangeal joint where the phalanx of your toe meets the head of the metatarsal.
  • Once the bunnionette is located on the head of your metatarsal, we will then use a cutting instrument to remove any excess bone growth from the metatarsal.
  • We will then carefully divide the metatarsal to free the head of the bone.
  • The head of your metatarsal is shifted inward and away from the outer side of your foot which reduces the overall width of the foot and provides a stable base for the fifth toe.
  • Next, we will insert a small screw through the head of the metatarsal in order to lock it in place



Once the procedure is completed, we will close the incision and properly bandage your foot. You may then be placed in a postoperative shoe which allows you to bear weight on your foot as it heals. Recovery time for most patients is between six and eight weeks.

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