Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic Fluid can be used in some forms of Regenerative Medicine.

What is Amniotic Fluid?

Amniotic fluid is a clear, yellow fluid which is found within the amniotic sac. It surrounds the growing baby in the uterus. While the baby is in the womb, it is situated within the amniotic sac, a bag formed of two membranes, the amnion, and the chorion.  The fetus grows and develops inside this sac, surrounded by amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is responsible for protecting the fetus, temperature control, infection control, lung and digestive system development, muscle and bone development, lubrication, and umbilical cord support

Scientific research has proven that Amniotic Stem Cells have a variety of different medical uses, specifically in tissue regeneration. The most common areas that this procedure repairs deals with muscle, tissue, ligaments and cartilage.

 How does Amniotic tissue get Harvested?

The Amniotic tissue is collected from a woman’s donated placenta that have given birth after needing a C-section and consented the donation. Once the placenta has been separated at birth, it will be stored and preserved until the Amniotic Tissue is ready to be harvested.

Although the placenta is typically discarded after birth, the amniotic fluid in the placenta continues to remain valuable. More specifically, the cells inside the placenta can still be utilized to repair various forms of tissue damage. In order for  the Amniotic tissue to be properly harvested, the placenta needs to be properly maintained.

How are Amniotic Fluid Cell Therapy Injectables processed?

Amniotic Fluid is processed in a certified lab in accordance with the CLIA and FDA so that prior to the amniotic fluid being procured from the placenta the tissue can undergo comprehensive testing and screening. Once the Amniotic fluid has been tested for safety, procured, and processed, it will then be placed in a vial as a primed injectable liquid and available for human delivery.

What are the Benefits of using Amniotic Fluid Injections?

There are a wide range of benefits that Amniotic Cell Therapy can provide to patients. The main type of problems that this process treats is various tendon, ligament, and joint pain indications.  Because Amniotic Fluid posseses anit-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties it is ideal for treating chronic inflammatory, and joint pain. In addition, these regenerative properties are also effective in minimizing scar tissue, promoting soft tissue growth, and wounds.

Please consult with a Relief provider and obtain information on Amniotic Fluid Cell Therapy treatment.

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