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Regarding injuries, our feet are particularly vulnerable due to their complex structure and critical role in mobility. However, not all foot wounds are created equal – they can be categorized as acute or chronic, and understanding this distinction is essential when seeking appropriate care. An acute wound occurs suddenly, typically as a result of an injury or trauma. Foot fractures are a prime example of an acute wound. They can be incredibly painful, often accompanied by swelling and changes in foot contour. The treatment for a foot fracture varies depending on the fracture's location and severity. While some may heal without surgical intervention, others may require more comprehensive treatments to restore the foot's shape, balance, and function.

Specialized care may be required for certain types of foot ailments. A podiatrist is a type of doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They are adept at handling acute and chronic wounds, understanding the nuances of foot anatomy, and providing targeted treatments. In contrast, chronic wounds have failed to proceed through an orderly and timely process to produce anatomical and functional integrity over three months. These wounds require specialized care and patience, often involving a multidisciplinary approach.

At The Relief Institute, our focus goes beyond wound healing; the entire person's well-being is considered. The anxiety and frustration that accompany a non-healing wound can be overwhelming. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the requisite care to heal fully, regardless of whether you're dealing with an acute injury or a chronic condition. Comprehensive treatments tailored to each patient's needs aim to empower every individual on their path towards recovery.


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Our team proactively manages foot and ankle pain, addressing issues early to prevent progression and complications.

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  Near Humbert Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Our clinic is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community, both through our clinical work and our outreach efforts.

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  Near Stonedale Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

We prioritize patient privacy and confidentiality, maintaining strict adherence to HIPAA regulations.

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  Near Valley Ridge Rd, Westover Hills, TX 76107

The Relief Institute offers care for multiple ankle pain conditions. Please don't wait—schedule an appointment today.

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  Near Clinton Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164

The Relief Institute is honored to be a part of our patients' healthcare journey, helping them achieve greater comfort, mobility, and quality of life.

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Locate the best foot and ankle specialists near me. Eliminate unwanted foot and ankle pain and get back to the life you live. Schedule an appointment today!

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  Near Red Oak Ct W, Colleyville, TX 76034

Our clinic offers preventive services, such as diabetic foot care and gait analysis, to reduce the risk of future foot and ankle problems.

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Do you have sharp pain radiating in your foot? Don't let that pain hinder your life! Contact The Relief Institute today!

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We offer flexible payment options and work with insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for our patients.

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Patients receive thorough evaluations, ensuring all contributing factors to their pain are addressed.

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