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Dr. David Northcutt, D.P.M.

Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon

In practice since 2014


Personal and Professional Bio

Dr. David R Northcutt, is a doctor primarily located in Bloomington, Indiana. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead Dr. Northcutt to schedule an appointment.

Areas of Interest

Foot and Ankle Arthritis Care, Diabetes-Related Foot Conditions, Complete Bunion and Hammertoe Correction, General and Complex Fracture Repair, Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery


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Dr. David Northcutt, D.P.M.

1791 West 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN - 47404

(812) 333-4422

Hospital Affiliations

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Accepted Insurance

Cash Pay Option Available  Cash Pay Option Available


Bachelors Degree
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN - B.S. in Health Sciences minor in Psychology - 2002

Medical School
Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Des Moines, IA - Doctor of Podiatric Medicine - 2006

Podiatric Surgery - Hunt Regional Medical Center, Greenville, TX - 2009

Fellowship Program
Fellowship with foot and ankle specialists - Germany and Austria

Board Certifications

Board Certified in Reconstructive and Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS)

Board Certified in Foot Surgery (ABFAS)

American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM)





Medical Publications/Articles, Presentations, Research

Details Not Available

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