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Relief CretifiedTM Doctors represent the safest and most reliable care for your foot and ankle needs.

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The Relief Institute is an advocate for top physicians and patients like you. Our purpose is to bring the best matches together for a healthy outcome.

We aim to ensure that you have access to the best foot and ankle practitioners in your area. To achieve this, we first find doctors in your area who are capable of both conducting a thorough evaluation and providing you with any necessary treatment. We then go the extra mile, certifying doctors who truly stand out from the mix with high ratings, excellent experience, better treatment, and a convincing record of care. And finally, we ask patients to rate their experience. You can feel confident that you’re in good hands when you see what others think, and you can also provide invaluable feedback to help others like you make informed decisions about their own health and treatment.

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Relief CertificationTM

What is Relief CertificationTM?

Relief CertifiedTM Doctors represent the safest and most reliable care for your foot and ankle needs.

The doctors we work with here at The Relief Institute understand the importance
of getting you out of pain and helping you find relief. But how do you know which doctor will provide you with the best treatment for your foot and ankle ailments?
A Relief CertificationTM establishes that a doctor has a record of excellence in the medical field and is tried and trusted by patients. Because we want to do what we can for you, we take careful consideration of each doctor’s history and background before providing them with our Relief CertificationTM.

How Relief CertificationTM Works

With numerous doctors across the nation, the Relief Institute is your online resource for finding a provider near you. It’s not enough for a doctor to understand your pain. You need someone who knows how to treat you right.

Step 1

A doctor profile is created with basic, educational and professional information. Profiles that have been accurately and fully complete may apply for a Relief CertificationTM.

Step 2

A number of certifying documents are required and checked for authenticity by our verification department. We take additional steps to verify the applicant’s identity, background and experience within their field.

Step 3

A doctor profile that has been securely confirmed will receive our Relief CertifiedTM Badge as a proof of verification. Additionally, we monitor ongoing activity and ratings to ensure a continued standard of excellence and patient satisfaction.

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