Lapidus Procedure

The Lapidus procedure is a type of osteotomy of the first Tarsal-MetaTarsal(TMT) joint that decreases the movement of that joint and straightens out the first metatarsal and toe, enabling a quick recovery for the bunions and major other deformities caused by first TMT joint hyper mobility.

About this Treatment

Surgeons at The Relief Institute recommend the Lapidus procedure for individuals who have severe deformity, instability of the first ray, and also those with a loose metatarsal-tarsal joint (located in the mid-foot) where they may not get enough correction and alignment from an osteotomy alone.

Moreover, the looseness of the joint and its hypermobility may lead to the pain experienced on the ball of the foot as the first metatarsal floats up, thereby allowing the excessive weight of the body to go to adjacent metatarsals (commonly the second and the third).

In such cases, the metatarsal-tarsus joint is fused to provide lasting stability. Screws are used to maintain alignment and there is a minimum loss of movement.

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