5 Common Causes of Big Toe Arthritis

5 Common Causes of Big Toe Arthritis

Big toe arthritis is one of the more common foot conditions people deal with as they get older, but thankfully we’re getting much better at treating it. However, if you know what causes the condition, you can take steps to prevent it. Today, we take a look at five common causes of big toe arthritis, and we share some prevention tips.

Common Causes of Great Toe Arthritis
Here’s a look at five conditions that can lead to the onset of big toe arthritis.

1. Gout – Gout is a medical condition that develops when uric acid builds up in a joint. The most common place for these uric acid crystals to develop is in the joint of the big toe, and they can cause pain and inflammation in the area. If the condition becomes chronic and damages the joint, arthritis can set in. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and avoid excess alcohol intake if you want to steer clear of gout.

2. Injury – An acute injury to your big toe or the joint can also lead to great toe arthritis. If the trauma damages the joint and you fail to partake in physical therapy, you can lose range of motion and develop arthritis. It’s not always possible to prevent toe injuries, but be sure to wear appropriate footwear for your activities.

3. Bunions – Some people may be surprised to learn that bunions can also lead to the development of big toe arthritis. Bunions are bony growths that can shift the natural alignment of the big toe, and if left untreated, that can lead to long term joint damage and arthritis. In order to avoid big toe arthritis caused by bunions, wear loose fitting shoes, limit time spent in heels or narrow-toed shoes, and head to a foot specialist if you notice a bunion beginning to develop.

4. Sesamoiditis – Sesamoiditis is a condition where the two sesamoid bones under your big toe become inflamed. Similar to the above problems, if the issue is left untreated, pain can develop and you can lose mobility in the joint. Sesamoiditis is often caused by overuse or repetitive trauma and is often seen in dancers and basketball players. Work in some foot strengthening exercises and give your feet a break every once in a while to prevent sesamoiditis.

5. Turf Toe – Turf toe is technically a joint injury caused by trauma, so while it could fall into the second category, we thought is deserved a category of its own. Turf toe is common in athletes who play sports with quick turns and cuts, like football and soccer. It’s often caused by repeatedly ramming your toe into the end of your shoe while you move, or putting acute pressure on the area time and time again. Wear the right size boots and visit a doctor if toe pain sets in after athletic activity.

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