Weight Loss: 10 fat blasting exercises you should add in your home workout

Weight Loss: 10 fat blasting exercises you should add in your home workout

Weight Loss: Today we have shared a list of fat-blasting exercises that you can add in your daily home workout. Read on to know more.

Are you looking forward to shedding those love handles and flabby arms? Then you are at the right place as today we are sharing a list of fat-blasting exercises. For the unversed, when we consume more and don't burn the extra calories, our body stores excess calories in the form of fats. Due to sedentary life, many of us are facing the same issue, as we hardly move or workout. Now, amid lockdown, there are people who are gaining more weight due to constant munching and no physical activity.

Instead of being lazy and lethargic, take lockdown as the opportunity to lose those extra fats. As mentioned above, check out the list of 10 exercises that act as a fat-blasters. Right from Burpees to Jumping Jacks to Push-Ups, the list includes all the important exercises. Combine these exercises with a healthy diet and soon you will see the difference and achieve the body of your dreams.

The Plank and variations The plank is one of the best core exercises and a lot of calories are burned as we try to hold the position good 1-2 minutes. If you want to burn extra fats you know which exercise to add in the routine. If you have already used to with the simple plank, go for the harder variations. 

Mountain climbers and variations Mountain climbers are again a full-body workout as it targets the major muscle groups. This exercise is a great fat blaster and has several variations such as  Wide Arm Mountain Climbers, Cross-Body Mountain Climber and One Arm Mountain Climber to challenge harder.

Burpees This is a high-intensity exercise and is considered as one of the best fat burning exercises as they increase your heart rate in few seconds and you keep burning fats after a workout as well because of raised metabolism. 

Skipping Yes, we used to do this as a fun activity when we were kids but back then we were not aware about health benefits. Skipping is not only one of the simplest ones in this list but also one of the powerful and effective fat burning exercises. 

High Knees This particular exercise will not only strengthen your knees but also the core. It also helps to correct your posture.

Jumping Jacks Jumping jacks are one of the simple and fun to do exercises. This Calisthenics workout provides several benefits such as better heart, toned up muscles and of course helps to burn fats. 

Jumping Squats This plyometric exercise is good for losing extra pounds. They are quite challenging but we also know no pain means no gain. 

Push-Ups One of the commonly known and traditional exercises and the exercise is really good for upper body. And it also works on biceps and triceps, back, and core. 

Walking Lunges If you have already mastered the static lunge then you can go for walking lunge variation. The walking lunge targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings and challenges stability and balance.

Jackknife Crunches  You must have heard or done crunches and jackknife variation is an advanced abdominal move that targets your upper and lower abs.

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