How My Nectar Mattress Improved My Sleep After Years Of Back Pain

How My Nectar Mattress Improved My Sleep After Years Of Back Pain

As I've gotten older, I've started experiencing back pain that I thought was just a natural part of life. I'd gotten used to waking up with sore muscles and tension from my neck to my lower back, and it was becoming a serious problem. Nothing was working and I was running out of ideas. I was stretching before bed, going to yoga classes, and even visited a chiropractor who said it may be a problem with my mattress. I was talking to some girlfriends about this issue, when one of them told me about how she'd been having similar problems until she upgraded to NECTAR.

NECTAR is a mattress company that makes top-quality mattresses at a good value. Their new memory foam mattress provides the comfort without the heat. They're made up of layer after layer of memory foam that molds to your body as you sleep while still being supportive in all the right places. The quilted gel memory foam contours to your curves, and helps distribute weight evenly, relieving pressure and pain where you feel it most. This stood out to me the most, because my husband and I knew we needed a mattress that provided support and cushion without making us sink into each other while we slept. Unlike other mattresses that create craters where you sleep, NECTAR mattresses maintain their form for years - they even have a lifetime warranty to prove it. The mattresses are even certified pure, which means the foam is environmentally safe and made without heavy metals or toxic chemicals, which is important to us when we have the choice. It's always hard to tell if you'll like a bed when you lie on it for a few minutes in a store, so when we saw that NECTAR offers a full year home trial, we figured we had nothing to lose.

When the bed arrived, I was excited to test it out that first night. I wasn't expecting the new bed to cure all of my back pain, but I hoped it would at least help me sleep more soundly and not wake up in pain. The first thing I noticed when I got in bed was the overall comfort of the mattress. My husband and I were both propped up by the layers of foam and loved that we were able to stay on our sides and not immediately sink towards each other in the middle of the bed. That first night, I didn't wake up from tossing and turning, and actually stayed comfortably put all night long. It felt like sleeping on a foam-filled cloud of support. My husband's only issue when he sleeps is getting overheated, and on the NECTAR, he didn't wake up sweating or have to kick off the comforte like he used to. After a week in our new bed, we were completely obsessed. Not only were we both sleeping more soundly, I could feel a vast improvement in my back pain. My pinched nerves and tense muscles were beginning to relax and improve more every night.

It's been a few months now, and we don't know how we were able to sleep before our NECTAR mattress. I've started to feel like my old self again, and my back feels better than it's felt in years. It was a huge relief to know that that's what I was doing wrong the whole time, and it wasn't me. The problem had really been my mattress, and it didn't have to be dismissed as a sign of getting older. Since we've upgraded to Nectar, I sleep like a baby and can't remember a time when I felt better.

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