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Top search results are articles, and they drive most website traffic.

Having a good website is not enough. You must attract people to it. The best way to do this is by adding articles to your website and posts to social media linking back to your articles. Together, these activities increase search results for keywords in your articles and drive visitors to your website.


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How ReliefStream™ Works

Your Stream Team works daily to ensure the content we post on your website
and social platforms will bring the visitor traffic you want.

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Your Stream Team
Ensures All is Well

Software built and managed by us! We do all the heavy lifting. We install ReliefStream™ on your website, add up to five articles each and every day, and push up to five daily posts out to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s almost 500 posts monthly! We provide all the onpage SEO and schema, weekly reporting, and massive traffic. No other agency, social media management company, or person can keep up with ReliefStream™.


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A Powerful Addition to Your Website

There is no content manager or agency who can come close to the power of ReliefStream™. We have invested millions to make this a one-of-a-kind product and a solution you should not be without.

Business Profile

We use our internal profiling tool to look at your business online. We examine your brand’s mood, voice, and audience.

Best Influencer
Best Influencer Access

Using topical mapping, we index over 2.5 million influencer articles on over 50,000 topics, ensuring best-in-class content.

Controlled Streaming

Our stream Team controls your content flow. We can post instantly as well as remove anything in the blink of an eye.

SEO Benefit

Each article page on your website contains the right amount of META and Schema which is responsible for all the additional traffic!

Higher Sales & Lead Conversions

Using ReliefStream™ you create a consistent presence on your website and social media that Google loves. More traffic means more leads and sales.

Measure Effectiveness

Analytics will tell you exactly how much visitor traffic and how many conversions are being brought in from ReliefStream™.


Your company’s online influence determines its search ranking, Google Ads performance, overall website traffic, and visitor experience.

Blogging and social posting is key to creating signals that generate website traffic. Many businesses don’t do it at all, don’t do it right, or if they do have some kind of content program, they fall short of results. Even so called bloggers and social management companies fall short of doing enough to generate traffic to your website.
We use proprietary software to index 2.5 million influencers writing articles on over 50,000 topics. We are able to take selected articles, bring them into our system, run them through a quality score algorithm and post them to your website daily with each article linking back to the influencer.
We then post daily article snippets to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and these posts link back to the website articles. We post up to 5 articles every day to your website and Twitter, and post 3 times a day to Facebook and LinkedIn. The result is a huge lift to your web sites traffic!

ReliefStream™ is a powerful blogging and social posting tool that can either take over 100% of your content marketing or it can be a compliment to it. Besides this, it is also a marketing tool which offers different ways users can interact with your company. There are links to your company’s products and services, contact call to actions, a weekly articles email sign up, and even the opportunity to post inter-company marketing ads to drive visitors to offers to do business with you. ReliefStream™ is the future of content marketing.

No, ReliefStream™ curates articles written by influencers of over 50,000 topics. Many people think custom content is the only way to post in blogs and on social media, but we have proven that this is not true. Our curated articles are so well placed and have such good SEO on them that they more often than not, outrank the original articles.

The internet is made up of shared content. This is truly what the internet is all about. People write about things they are interested in and then others share the content. This content then gets read by people who are searching for information. Google is a machine that simply goes to websites, scans page content, then determines where in its index it will rank the scanned content. Then it shows stored content in an order it determines as important to users who are doing searches. ReliefStream™ selects the best articles, written by top influencers, adds strong SEO to them and because of this Google ranks them higher in its index.

Yes. Technically this is duplicate content. However, it is a myth that Google will penalize you if you have duplicate content on your site from somewhere else. In fact, MOST of the content online is duplicated. Google has no way of telling which content was duplicated from where. So it has to rely on which content will deliver what a searcher is looking for. This is where ReliefStream™ shines. Because we present content in a way that is easy for Google to read and index, we get better rankings than other similar content. Besides this, we link back to the source articles delivering extra benefit to the original articles.
Now, duplicate content appearing multiple times on the same website is a different thing. Users do not like to read the same content on a website and Google knows this. Duplicate content on the same website will often not make it on Google’s index or may even get suppressed in search results. We do not utilize the articles anywhere else on your domain, so this should not be a problem.

Copyright laws enable creators to receive proper recognition and economical benefits from their original material.
However, Fair Use allows for the distribution and access to original work without any legal repercussions if the purpose is to discuss, report or learn information.
The articles we curate are displayed on a website page, containing related or non-related topics of interest from which users can learn more about the aforementioned topics. Furthermore, we direct our users to the article’s source for the purposes of further education or social discussion. If the source from which we found the article asks us to remove it, then the link and reference to the article will be removed from our entire ReliefStream™ network as a safeguard to the original author’s intent, removing any benefit they may be getting from the links our network provided back to their content. However, the removal of articles used for educational and public enrichment is not required under the protection of Fair Use laws.

Google will not penalize your website for streaming articles. Google considers a lot of factors when determining the ranking of a website, and a blog or stream of articles can actually increase your domain authority and your page rankings.

If the author requests for us to remove their article, we will do so. However, this will be in detriment to the author. Our network of articles benefits authors by increasing traffic to their website, which helps them to monetize their work/interests. By removing the article, that traffic will be cut off from the author, as we have no reason to link to a source from which we no longer curate content. We prefer to continue providing our users with information for their own educational enrichment, but at the request of the author, we will remove their article and source from our entire network of readers.

Our meta data, schema, indexing of content, and distribution across social media leads to better traffic to your website and better rankings with Google.

Articles are selected from the topics we feel your customers would be interested in. This can be tricky as sometimes clients think a primary topic such as one specifically about their industry is what would benefit them the most. However, most customers are interested in many secondary and even tiercerary topics and these can be of more value. For example: A gym. If we were to stream articles about gymnasiums and gym equipment, most people would not like it. Instead, if we streamed articles about health and fitness, lifestyles, and even fashion, then users take more of an interest into the gym posting these articles.

We do the best we can with what we have. Our algorithms and filters and your Stream Team work hard to get the best articles available on the topics we stream for you. Again, you have to be more open minded when it comes to what your audience cares about. Most of the time it is different than what you may think. The articles we stream are written by authors and also do not represent material written by you or your company.

For one thing your blog should be an area where you can post articles WRITTEN by you or people from your company. Secondly, we manage every article in ReliefStream™ from our platform which is separate from your website. If you do not have a blog or will never post one, then ReliefStream™ can certainly be your blog.

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Content Marketing Cost Comparison

Compare and see how you can generate and save more with ReliefStream™

In House Marketing Firm Agency ReliefStream™
Monthly Cost $4,000 / a month $7,000 / a month $15,000 / a month $750 / a month
Article Posting 2-3 / a week 2-3 / a week 3-4 / a week 35 / a week
Social Posting 7 / a week 21 / a week 21 / a week 35 / a week
Link Building 5 / a week 25 / a week 25 / a week 25 / a week
Newsletter Not Likely Likely Probably Weekly
Analytics Monthly Monthly Monthly On Demand
Lead Capturing Forms Not Likely Not Likely Not Likely Yes

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