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A local SEO program for your business is a must!

It’s a new world, and the future is localized search. The only way to ensure your business keeps up is to maintain a local SEO program. This is foundational. If you don’t do it, your business will drop down over time as competitors climb up with search results. Our program is stronger and works harder than any other available. We know because we’ve been successfully doing local SEO for over a decade!

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Two Programs to Fit Your Budget

We offer two programs, Basic and Advanced. Our Basic Local SEO program offers you mini-profiles of your business across the web. These strategic profiles lift your company up to put you on the map. Our Advanced program is where our Local Team takes your company to the next level. We perform weekly tasks which will significantly boost the results.

  • 01. Free Reputation Audit

    We tell you what people think

  • 02. Complete Business Profile Created

    Over 45 data points

  • 03. High Value Directory Push

    Over 75 in our arsenal

  • 04. Aggregator Push

    Ensuring you’re in the data ecosystem

  • duplicate suppression
    05. Duplicate Suppression

    Suppress old or incorrect data that is hurting your business

  • google my business verification
    06. GMB (Google My Business) Verification

    We verify & clean up your GMB listing

  • Google My Business optimization
    07. GMB Optimization

    We know all the tricks

  • google my business weekly posts
    08. Weekly GMB posts

    Your GMB comes alive under our constant management

  • search engine optimization
    09. Search Engine Submission

    Ensure your website is indexed properly

  • meta description
    10. Website Location META

    Most companies have weak META on their website

  • smart analytics
    11. Google Analytics Check

    We ensure Google Analytics is connected and optimized

  • UTM tracking codes
    12. UTM Code Tracking

    Track various conversions such as business phone calls

  • analytics and reporting
    13. ReliefAnalytics™

    Our proprietary analytics you’re going to love!

  • audit reports
    14. Quarterly Audit

    We review your account and share results with you

With Us, Your Local SEO
Is Managed by Experts

For close to ten years, we have been managing local SEO for companies. Our experience is extensive and our program goes well beyond that of any competitor. Our platform is the backbone of our service. It allows us to do much more in less time and ensures you get the ROI you need.

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How can Local SEO help your business?

Never lose a sale because a customer can’t find you online due to an old address or bad number showing up.

Quickly and easily get more business reviews which result in higher search rankings than your competitors.

We are a Google Partner meaning we are Google-trained and work with the guys running the show.

We create hundreds of mini-websites with our directory partners to help blow away your competition’s generic listings.

We provide the human touch to your program crushing automated programs to smithereens.

Appear correctly and consistently. 30% of businesses have duplicate listings or bad information online, and we redirect these to the updated listings we control.


Your company’s online influence determines its search ranking, Google Ads performance, overall website traffic, and visitor experience.

ReliefLocal™ is a powerful local SEO program that gets your business ranking in local search. By ranking in local search, we mean that when people are online looking for businesses in their local area who offer similar services or products as you, you show up. This ensures more foot traffic, phone calls and website visits for your business.

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone number. This is referring to your business information as it appears online. It is important that NAP stay as consistent as possible every time your business is mentioned throughout the web.

GMB stands for Google My Business. Google My Business is the name of a product that Google has built to help businesses manage their local presence with Google. Using GMB, you verify your business with google and can then gain insights into how well your business does online. Keep in mind that having a verified GMB is only the beginning of a solid local program. There are several other things that companies are doing to show up in local search. We include the most powerful of these in our Advanced local program.

A directory is simply a website whose purpose is to list businesses. Yelp is one example, yp.com is another. The first objective of a local SEO program is to get your business listed consistently on as many directories of value as possible. These listings provide information on businesses such as name, address and phone number and many other pieces of information including menu items, company descriptions, social media links and more. Google looks at listings to verify the accuracy of information about your business. When information on many directories is the same, Google’s trust in your business and information goes up, resulting in higher rankings.

Sometimes a single directory can have several wrong locations or phone numbers for your business. They may even have another business listed at your location. The reason for this is over the years these directories are gathering business data as often as they can. Many times this data is outdated reflecting incorrect information about your business. There is simply no way for these directories to know what is accurate and what is not. This is where duplicate suppression comes in. When you have a local program with us, we claim and manage your listings through our partnerships with major directories. This management allows us to tell the directory which listing is accurate and even update a listing. The directories then “suppress” all the other listings for your business that they may have, resulting in Duplicate suppression. The end result leaves one listing, clean of wrong information, which Google then includes in their index.

Aggregators are companies who compile business information from a multitude of sources such as public records, and they then distribute this information to other businesses. Think of a listing company. Their assets are other businesses’ contact information. If the information is incorrect, such as a bad street address, then this gets spread all over the web and it hurts your business in the eyes of Google, since this information conflicts with correct information. We make sure the top four aggregators have the right information on your business and then use their broadcasting method to get you value.

As part of your program with us, we will set up our analytics with weekly and monthly reports to you.

We get this question a lot. When a company is national, a much larger SEO strategy needs to come into play and it should definitely include a local SEO program. In your mind’s eye, imagine a map of the US. Then think about where your company is located. How does Google know you are a legitimate company and that where you say you are located is correct and true? It definitely starts with a Google My Business listing and verification, but it goes well beyond just this. A solid local SEO program legitimizes your company in the eyes of Google and boosts all the other keyword rankings it gets from online searches. So a local SEO program is not only foundational for your business online, but it is a must. From there you can do things to boost your rankings in areas you sell your products and services. ReliefPlaces™ is excellent at that.

You can run one ReliefLocal™ program for one location. If you have other locations, then you must obtain a separate ReliefLocal™ for each one.

If we are managing your ReliefLocal™ program and you are not receiving your postcard, let us know. We will take a look at your account and troubleshoot the problem. We even have our own Google team at Google and will get them involved when needed.

With our ReliefLocal™ Advanced program, we will want access to your Google Analytics as well as your Google My Business and any other Google properties you may be using (such as Tag Manager and Google Console). We help facilitate this as part of our onboarding.

One thing you will learn with us is that we love tracking activity for you. One of the ways we do this is using UTM codes. These are simply special tracking codes we can attach to different things such as the website address in your GMB. This allows us to accurately track the traffic that is sent to your website by GMB.

Reputation is everything and we will take a look at precisely how well your business is positioned in search in your local area. From this we can determine activities we can do to boost your visibility.

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Get Started Today!

We offer two effective programs. Both will get your business ranking.


$75/Month & $75/Setup
Get Started

Our basic ReliefSEO™ program takes care of your basic local SEO needs. (*Any additional on-page work will be extra if performed by us.)

  • Audit: We audit your website, social, and online presence for business NAP consistency.
  • Business Profile Created: We build a business profile that will drive all our work.
  • 75+ Directories: Monthly management of your business on top directories.
  • Aggregator Push: We work with the top aggregators to turbo-charge your reach.
  • Duplicate Suppression: Existing bad data on your business is suppressed.


$399/Month & $399/Setup
Get Started

Our advanced ReliefSEO™ program does more for your business’ local rankings than any other local program available. Everything in basic including:

  • GMB Optimization: We make sure everything is set up for ranking.
  • Weekly Posts: We perform weekly GMB updates and create custom posts.
  • Search Engine Submissions: We manage the indexing of your content with search engines.
  • Website Location META: We take care of your website's onpage META for best ranking.
  • Google Analytics Check: We audit and update your Google Analytics so you know more.
  • UTM Code Tracking: We perform tracking code installations for more accurate analytics.
  • ReliefAnalytics™: We setup and give you access to smart analytics showing conversions.
  • Quarterly Audit: We perform in-depth audits of your presence and progress.
  • Reporting: Receive weekly reports of your progress via email.
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