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Bad reviews can be avoided when you deal with grievances BEFORE you ask for a review.

Don’t just rely on customers loving their experience with your business. Statistics show that a disgruntled customer is 5 times more likely to leave a bad review than a happy customer is to leave a good one.

ReliefReviews™ is unique in how it handles the way you ask for reviews. First, it asks your customer to rate their experience with your company giving you an opportunity to respond to less than stellar experiences. When they rate you high, you direct them to leave a review. ReliefReviews™ then pushes these reviews to your website where Google will index them giving you a unique SEO advantage.

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How ReliefReviews™ Works


Your Reviews Team
Stays On Top of Everything

We ensure a smooth integration of your review page to your website, maintain the onpage META Data and schema, and keep things running smoothly. When it comes to ranking and getting reviews, nobody has a product like ReliefReviews™. Start your subscription today.


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Website Reviews Page

Forget old-school testimonial pages. We bring your reviews directly onto your website and offer you filtering options so only your best side shows.


Rate Us Page

Test the waters before asking for a review. A low rating ecourages a feedback opportunity and a high rating offers a review.

A powerful tool for capturing
customer feedback.

You can rely on ReliefReviews™ to take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to gaining customer feedback and more reviews. Having the opportunity to interact with customers is a proven growth tool.

Clever Technology

We have been doing this for over 10 years. With thousands of online projects, we know what it takes to get results. ReliefReviews™ has been engineered to do more than you can ever accomplish by only asking for a review or relying on third-party POS or other software.


We integrate a reviews page directly with your website posting all your best reviews from Google and ReliefReviews™. This makes it easy for prospects to decide to use you, and gives you more visibility in search results.

Tracking & Reporting

Using our proprietary analytics system, you will have complete visibility of all that is happening with your website and Relief products. We have custom-built our analytics to send you reports weekly and monthly.


Your company’s online influence determines its search ranking, Google Ads performance, overall website traffic, and visitor experience.

On the website, on our reviews page and on Google.

If the client is not logged into Google, the review will appear on your website, and the client wil be asked if they want to log in and leave a Google review.

We send an email to the client asking for a review. We make it easy to leave a review.

While we don’t prevent a customer from leaving a negative review (as is their right), we do try to direct them to alternatives.

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ReliefReviews™ is a powerful way to interact with customers capturing their experience through a ratings system. Have the opportunity to respond and create a powerful answer to a testimonials page on your website by using reviews instead.

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