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A local SEO program helps you get found online when someone searches near your business location. But how do you get found when someone searches farther? What about a different town or state? ReliefPlaces™ takes care of this by creating pages that target areas in which your business is not located. These pages get indexed by Google. Then when people are searching for services you offer, you can show up.

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We have a dedicated team of experts (Places Team) who work every day on your area targeting ensuring you get the best results. We check everything from page descriptions, SEO, schema, and more. ReliefPlaces™ will get you ranking in more searches, drive more traffic and ultimately get you more sales.


ReliefPlaces™ is a one-of-a-kind ranking tool.

Organizing content is key to ranking. Understanding how Google indexes page content and structuring it in a way that gets results is our specialty. There is no other product, person, or team who can accomplish what ReliefPlaces™ can do. Put this to work for your business now.


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No, it’s not magic, although it may seem like it.
Our expertise and hard work are what our products are all about, and ReliefPlaces™ is no different. We have developed a powerful tool that, when added to your site, gives you more online visibility and customer traffic than you have ever
dreamed of.

Features That Drive Traffic.
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Features and benefits are what drive all our products.
Here are more reasons why ReliefPlaces™ is a powerful addition to your website and online SEO program.

Our Expertise

We have been in the SEO business for over 10 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be fooled by what others may tell you. There are no easy, secret ways to outrank the competition in search. We present to you our best in innovation, technology, and results. Something you can trust.


Optimization simply means making the best of a resource. Our software is state-of-the-art and managed by experts who put you first and care about getting you the best results possible. ReliefPlaces™ is a very reliable product that will make a difference for your business.

Tracking & Reporting
Tracking & Reporting

Analytics is very important to any business’s online campaigns. They tell you where and what needs effort and what is working well. Without analytics, work cannot be optimized. That’s why we have built our own proprietary analytics system which quickly lets you know the ROI on our work.


Your company’s online influence determines its search ranking, Google Ads performance, overall website traffic, and visitor experience.

ReliefPlaces™ improves your business’s online presence outside of its local vicinity.

A sales pin is a recorded sale destination provided to google in the form of data, which tells google that you have clients searching for your products within the specified location’s vicinity. The sales pin includes a name, address, phone and product description.

Sales pins will be in areas around and outside of your business’s immediate local area. This increases your business’s organic results outside of local search. You can also specify regions which you would like to target or currently have clients.

Reports are on demand. You can visit your dashboard weekly to review your report.

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ReliefPlaces™ is the kind of product you may not be aware of, but once you are, you see how it is a must-have addition to your website. This
geo-targeting tool ensures you start showing up in areas your customers are when they are looking for the types of services your business offers. Take action now, we are ready to help put your business on the map!

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ReliefPlaces™ is the perfect way to expand your business
footprint driving more traffic and sales through your website.

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