Dance Injuries to the Foot and Ankle

Dancing places pressure on the foot and ankle and increases their risk of injury. Ballet dancers also have added risk of foot and ankle injury because of specific positions that can add stress to the toes and ball of the foot.



Common dancer injuries include:

  • Dancer’s Fracture or fifth metatarsal fracture is the result of a bad landing on the outside portion of the foot or twisting the ankle.
  • Lateral Ankle Sprain is a common injury among athletes. This may happen from landing awkwardly from a jump.
  • Bunions (Hallux Valgus) do not usually develop because of dancing but might be worsened by tight-fitting shoes and repetitive irritation to the big toe joint.
  • Stress Fractures may happen from too much repetitive loading (activity) of the foot, which causes the bones to weaken. This may cause pain and swelling.
  • Ankle Impingement Syndrome, may be at the front or back of the ankle and is related to bone structures that pinch the soft tissue when the ankle is pointed in one direction or the other.


Our Approach

Dancers are exposed to a wide range of risk factors for injury. If any of your injuries cause bleeding, severe pain, loss of sensation, or increased weakness, contact us immediately. Other pain due to overuse or mild injuries can be treated by rest and taking prescribed pain relievers. Swelling and pain can also be treated with alternating ice and heat therapy.


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