When it comes to areas of the body such as foot and ankle, many times surgery is necessary to help you heal. This is due to the complexity of the structure of the foot. Our Physicians are trained with the best techniques and use the most up to date technology to provide the best surgical practice around. With experience in various kinds of surgeries, our doctors are well equipped to address your conditions. Our practice is minimally invasive so that surgeries take a little toll on the body, and you can recover quickly.

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There are several kinds of surgeries our specialists can perform, covering various conditions. Our physicians can perform:

  • ¬†Surgical fusions, which is where bones are fused to grow together to repair damage or provide more support to that part of the body.
  • Dead tissue removal and replacement, which is where surgical removal of dead cells in the foot or ankle are required to be removed or replaced to promote healing.
  • Tendons and ligaments, surgery performed to help repair damage caused to tendons or ligaments by various kinds of conditions.
  • General surgery, surgery is necessary to help with other conditions you experience.
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