Non-surgical procedures are used to diagnose, measure, track, or treat diseases and injuries that don’t need surgery. Our physicians have gathered experience and expertise in varied non-surgical procedures, and through these, have become very well versed at accurately prescribing such treatments.

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Medical Prescriptions

Most of the time, when people contact us asking for a lasting solution to their problem, it is motivated by their pain. Once diagnosed, adequate long term treatment may take time to implement or take effect. To quell their immediate pain, symptomatic treatments are available through medication like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, reducing pain and swelling.

Physical Therapy

In some cases, your condition may not be serious enough to require surgery. Many times, these problems can be addressed through physical therapy and stretching exercises, rest, and icing to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Other ways to fix issues you have can be through the use of orthotic devices, shoe modifications, braces, and casts.

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